Jaime Fonte

Transformational Expert.

We have all seen speakers who can fire up a crowd, or get people laughing, but come Monday morning the laughter and energy are forgotten and it's back to business as usual.

Jaime is different. He changes people's behaviors, and lives.

After his presentation:

    •    People take on a new perspective and make lasting behavioral changes.

    •    They remember what they learned because of the cognitive association process he uses.

    •    Feelings and emotions determine if we take decisions, behave, learn, engage, communicate and basically live. People walk away from Jaime’s keynotes feeling different, with new skills and techniques, so they behave and change their way of thinking.

    •    The whole conference is up beat, people are energized, engaged, enthusiastic, laughing and changed from the Inside Out (yes as the movie)

With his multi-faceted expertise, Jaime (Hi-May) explores the mind-body connection, shares his unique concepts to reduce stress, improve communication, build personal and professional relationships, and develop the new generation of teams of collaborative and trusting colleagues. After 15 years of research with the world's leading experts on lifelong transformation, Jaime has mastered the process level of his presentations so that she carefully orchestrates the presentation of the material to maximize the impact of his information. He is the author of three books, and he is always writing his next book.


As a Keynote speaker with over 10 years experience, organizations and individuals hire Jaime to help people take back control of their emotional layers which really drive performance, creativity, relationships, and communication in business and life.

If you want better leadership, team performance, customer service, or just fire up your team, Jaime will help. His presentations will focus on:

• How to change people's behaviors,

• How to create environments in which people can be the best they can be and

• How to improve performance at work and at life.

Presented in an entertaining way that has the whole group interacting and involved Jaime will create a unique experience and skill base that changes the whole group dynamics of your conference and that people will remember for sure.

Jaime believes success in business and in life is always about emotions. Our perceptions determine our feelings which directly affect our behavior. Until we change our perceptions, therefore our feelings, we won't change our behavior.

Jaime transforms  perceptions, feelings and lives.

To date, some of his clients;  Coca Cola, Mercurio Bicycles, Cal-Wood educational center, Several Schools and Universities, 3M, etc.


Jaime publishes his books in English and Spanish, and all of his conferences and keynotes as well.


Jaime has several programs, like Anger? Never Again, 80% or Your Overweight is in Your Mind, Stressed? No More! EFT To Become The Best You. All of his presentations are high energy, funny, practical, use a lot of audience involvement and have serious messages presented in an entertaining tone, memorable cognitive associations, and activities. People will remember and share for years.

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Jaime Fonte Speaker and Author