Never Mad Again is the definitive guide to overcoming anger, improving relationships and developing an ongoing sense of inner peace and balance forever. 

This valuable and timely book discusses where anger and personal conflict comes from and what we can learn about ourselves and others as we learn to release the powerful influence of the ego. 

Never Mad Again uncovers the psychological mechanics of rationalization and rage by exposing the complex tricks of the ego including establishing blame to garner approval and seeing ourselves as “right” in every situation. 

Never Mad Again creates the foundation for the real work of releasing defensiveness and the need to control others' emotions and states of being. It explores the possibility that the conditions of anger can be changed with awareness of the ego and a determination to release old emotional patterns.

Written in a straightforward way, Never Mad Again empowers the reader to finally ask the most important question of all: who am I... really?

"James Fontaine's simple, yet powerful book explores one of the most important metaphysical principles that spiritual seekers everywhere eventually turn to: how to choose joy over pain. Never Mad Again is an essential resource for anyone seeking peace and wanting relationships free of drama and chaos. By unlocking the secret tricks of the ego, Fontaine helps us to embrace a beautiful new consciousness." 

- Giselle Koy, author of The Modern Muse: How to Create the Ravishing Life You've Always Wanted

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